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7 Frequently Asked Questions On Diesel Storage Tanks

Escrito por albertstory dia 15 de Abril de 2023 às 06:51

The continuously changing world requires us to change with them. This changing environment required essential energy which is achieved by having a surplus amount of fuel. Fuel is not just starting but the base of any energy production. A person or company is required to have a good amount of diesel, especially during an emergency. Even if you have reserved it is harmful to keep them without proper condition. It is efficient to have a diesel Able tank to keep your primary component of power generation safe. It's common to have a lot of concerns when you are considering any storage tank, but let's discuss some frequently asked questions regarding these diesel storage tanks.


What is the fuel storage tank?


It is a unit which will be used to store hazardous materials which are flammable. These flammable liquids are supposed to stay away from spills and are stored in a compartment built with a secondary safety storage system to prevent the rapid discharge mechanism to safeguard the environment of liquid. They usually cut off devices and high liquid alarms to maintain a predefined flow in the container. When this level rises from the defined threshold it is required to get registration and permission from the state.


How to store them?


Storing location for your storage tank requires proper consideration. They were required to be positioned away from the water. The places like wells, springs, boreholes,  and other water facilities. The reason behind keeping them away from any water facility is to protect them from leaking and other damage. The water presence can harm the storage system. They should be kept away from moisture to avoid corrosion in tanks and contamination in the fuel. This becomes more important because any moisture content will degrade the quality of fuel and affect the operation. They should be kept dry and cool.


Another thing is to avoid sunlight or high-temperature spaces. The sunlight and high-temperature spaces can cause the evaporation of fuel rapidly which also affects the quantity. Another reason for storing them away from sunlight and water is to avoid the growth of algae inside the tank. With the presence of moisture and the appropriate amount of sunlight, algae can grow inside the fuel tank which will greatly improve the quality of fuel.


What distance rule should be followed for tank installation?


Storage tank should be kept at least 2 m away from any structure. If it holds more than 3500 l fuel it should be kept away at least 6 m from a bigger structure of the building. It will help to avoid any chances of accidents because of the diesel storage tanks. You should check them regularly. Before installing a tank make sure that the places are accessible and available for routine maintenance.

Another thing most people forget is to keep them away from ignition sources. The ignition sources like welding and cutting torches should stay away from the facility to avoid any spillage accidents. It is essential to keep the setup on flat ground where the leakage cannot flow downhill into the water bodies or other ways. It will avoid any accidents or water pollution as well as keep you alert if there is any leakage.


Which type of material is best for diesel storage?


There are many materials available in the market for the storage of diesel. Before buying any tank make sure that it is rust-resistant and does not melt under the stress. If your Steel tank has a vulnerable area it can cause damage which would eventually compromise the quality of diesel.

The poly Diesel tank is one of the high-quality storage units which are made through the rigorous procedure. They are not vulnerable unlike the Steel ones and suitable to store high-quality diesel. Although they required moulding to make a seamless structure which is away from any kind of damage like cracks or leakage.


How to avoid algae contamination?


The algae need a sufficient amount of water, sunlight and the right temperature to grow. It is important to avoid algae-friendly conditions in the Diesel tank which can be attained if you make it dark enough and avoid any sunlight or heat. The tank should be leak-resistant so that no moisture or water enters inside. Access to water is an invitation card to algae.


What are the rules for the transportation of tanks?


Although diesel is not a dangerous good for transportation purposes according to the government agencies it is a dangerous item to be transported. It does not require any kind of special display sign to carry on the portable tank. It is not necessary to have a special license for the transportation of this item as it is not considered a dangerous good. Although certain rules do not state anything, it is important to transport them in a safe and appropriate environment. The tank should not be vulnerable to temperature as it can cause easy evaporation of fuel and also risk leaking. You should consider the distance you are covering and the time of travel.


How to determine the best tank capacity?


 When you are searching for a perfect fuel tank, you need to consider the amount of equipment and transportation around the site required. Apart from this, you need to consider how many times you are going to refuel the tank. These three factors will help you to determine which size is perfect according to your needs. If you need them on a temporary basis you need to ensure that they are perfect according to the local regulation and your needs. Make a chart of all the generators and other devices required for the fuel and work on the capacity.




The right storage tank required variety of a factors to be kept in mind. Although it is not a difficult task if you discuss all this with your team it will help you to find the right direction and choose the tank that perfectly fits your applications.