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The Callisto Protocol

GRTV News - Dead Space creator deixa The Callisto Protocol's Striking Distance

Glen Schofield está deixando o novo desenvolvedor.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today we're going to be talking about something that's happening to Striking Distance, which is the developer who recently gave us the Callisto Protocol."

"Now the man who is at the top of that developer, Glenn Schofield, he has been involved in various different parts of the game development scene in the past, including Dead Space and different Call of Duties and whatnot over at Sledgehammer.
And then he headlined and, well, should we say headed up the Callisto Protocol for Striking Distance, which is this new sort of big AAA studio that is being owned and operated by Krafton and the massive corporation that owns PUBG and all that stuff."

"But the reason why we're talking about it is because ever since the Callisto Protocol debuted at the end of last year in December, it hasn't done particularly well.
And while the Striking Distance is going to continue to operate, Glenn Schofield is not going to be there."

"So with that being the case, let's dive on in.
Dead Space creator leaves the Callisto Protocol Striking Distance.
The good news is that the studio continues to make games after the flop.
Bad news, Glenn Schofield jumps ship."

"It barely took a month before it seemed like the Callisto Protocol had sold for far worse than developer Striking Distance and publisher Krafton expected.
So it's just a matter of time before we learn that Dead Space creator, Glenn Schofield's new studio, suffered several layoffs."

"Now it's time for round two.
Bloomberg's Jason Schreier reveals that Glenn Schofield is leaving Striking Distance to pursue new opportunities, along with the chief operating officer and chief financial officer of the studio he founded in 2019."

"Schofield confirms this in a statement saying, it's bittersweet, but I know the studio is in excellent hands.
Steve Papoutis will take over as CEO.
So it'll be interesting to see if Striking Distance continues to make games copying Dead Space set in the publisher universe or something else."

"So yeah, it's not just Glenn Schofield that's left as well.
The chief operating officer, so the COO, and the chief financial officer, the CFO, have both left as well.
So a lot of leading executives have left Striking Distance."

"It's a lot of important figures to leave the company at once.
And it begs the question as to what the future will hold for the studio.
We know that it's not being shut down.
It's still going to be operating."

"As for what it's going to be delivering, it's probably not going to be a Callisto Protocol sequel considering how the first game didn't sell particularly well.
But yeah, we can probably expect more to come from the studio, perhaps, as Eric puts it, they'll probably lean back into the sort of PUBG universe side of things, because that's what the Callisto Protocol was originally supposed to be."

"It was supposed to be set in the PUBG universe.
And as the game expanded and grew, they kind of went away from that a bit.
So maybe they'll lean on to sort of expanding the PUBG universe significantly in a more sort of official format going forward."

"But as we know more, we're sure to keep you posted and updated.
Likewise, we know more about where Schofield and the various other executives are going.
We'll be sure to keep you posted on that as well.
But yeah, that's all the time we have in today's episode of GRTV News."

"We'll be back now tomorrow for the next one of the week.
So until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and we'll see you all on the next one."

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